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10/ 04/2007


1. Background to the intervention

The great droughts of the 1970s and ’80s, as well as the long years of political instability (1966-1991), literally paralysed the country for almost 30 years. This socio-political background stifled any initiative to create civil sector associations.

The two events that marked the beginning of the democratisation in Chad must be regarded as Idriss Déby’s seizure of power in 1990 and the holding of the first National Conference in 1993. A large number of NGOs and associations first saw the light of day during this period of relative stability. They evolved slowly because of the country’s very low literacy rate and because they were unable to benefit from the experience of international NGOs, which had a very low presence until 1994. In addition, the weight of tradition put a considerable break on the creation and good development of such structures.

It was these socio-political realities, together with the conclusions of a 1997 European Union study on the country’s civil associations working in the domain of health, that led SongES to open a mission in Chad. Its first partnerships were with NGOs working on AIDS and using IEC (Information, Education, Communication) methods.

SongES was then identified to serve as a dynamic catalyst with FOSAP (a fund supporting activities directed towards the population and the fight against sexually transmitted infections and AIDS) to support the associations benefiting from this fund.

This partnership is still active today and other programmes have been added to it.

2. Programmes underway

> Support for associations fighting HIV/AIDS > Identification of the sector working on behalf of children in difficult situations and assessment as to whether an intervention is appropriate > Ensuring a forum in which to promote the feeling of belonging and involvement in an association

3. The associations supported

ACT-TVBM (Association Artistique et Culturelle - Théâtre Vivant Baba Moustapha) Objective: to develop a theatre-forum as an awareness-raising tool, especially in regard to AIDS. AFED (Association pour la Formation des Enfants en Détresse) Objective: to take charge of children in distress and provide them with shelter ASFEA (Association Femmes et Enfant d’Abord) Objective: to contribute to the socio-economic promotion of women and develop groups aimed at preventing nutritional problems. AFLCS (Association des Femmes pour la Lutte Contre le Sida) Objective: to prevent HIV/AIDS. CEFEIP (Centre de Formation et d’Education Instrument de la Paix) Objective: to educate children about human rights, environmental protection and fighting against violence. ATAD (Association Chadienne des Amis des Drogués) Objective: to work indiscriminately to save child drug addicts and reinsert them into society, and to carry out preventive activities. COVISCOPA (Comité de Vie Scolaire et de Paix) Objective: to organise talks and debates (on AIDS, violence and reproductive health) in schools, and to organise cultural and sports activities. ACAT (Action des Chrétiens pour l’Abolition de la Torture au Chad) Objective: to ensure respect for human rights and press freedom.

Within the framework of FOSAP, SongES has already provided support for the following NGOs: UCCT, Gradesbou, ASFEA, ATAD, CCEVF, EDT, ADELIT, ACT/TVBM, APLFT, OTAID, ATDS, ATPV +

Contact details of the associations can be obtained from the SongES office in N’djamena: Tel: (00.235) 51.88.97 or e-mail:

4. Technical partners

DED, INADES-Formation, Enda Graf, Institut Tropical Suisse, CEFOD

5. Funding

Provisional budget for 2003: 136.947 euros Funding provided by SongES and FOSAP